The helper for your kitchen PAUDIN Slicing Carving Knife Is on Sale for $17.39

October 09, 2021 2 min read

The helper for your kitchen PAUDIN Slicing Carving Knife Is on Sale for $17.39

The importance of a good carving knife cannot be overstated. Professional chefs bring their own knives to work for good reason, avoiding the pain points of dull, low-quality blades and unwieldy handles. High end carving knife can cost well over $100. But savvy Amazon shoppers have found an ultra-sharp carving knife that they say works just as well as pricier models. The best part? It's 40% off right now at just $17.39

The 8-inch Paudin carving knife has several impressive features that make it easy to maneuver. For starters, it's equipped with German stainless steel with 58 Rockwell hardness. Sharpness is a key quality in any good knife, and this one's razor-sharp blade certainly doesn't disappoint when it comes to edge retention. Its stainless steel construction resists rusting and dulling over time, and reviewers confirm that the knife stays as "sharp as ever" even after a year of regular use.

Of course, one of the best things about cooking is that it's a sensory, tactile experience. This Paudin knife looks the part with its layered steel blade and a balanced, ergonomically-shaped wooden handle that provides enhanced comfort as you mince, slice, and chop. You won't need to worry about this tool slipping while you work.

To buy: Paudin Razor Sharp Slicing Knife, $17.39 (originally $28.99) at

The best carving knife has more than 545 five-star Amazon ratings, with reviewers commenting that it "looks and feels like a sword" in the best way possible. Everyone from professional chefs to first-time cooks are raving about how the knife "slices beautiful," allowing them to chop vegetables, and carve pumpkin. Its affordable price is rare in the realm of good-quality kitchen knives and shoppers are taking note, ordering as many of three of them at a time.

"I have a whole kitchen drawer full of various knives, and this is the one I always reach for," one reviewer wrote. "Because this blade has such a smooth, gradual taper from edge to spine, it literally glides through vegetables and meats. The fattest, gnarliest potatoes cut like you are slicing through warm butter. No kidding!"

Snag the Paudin Carving knife before it goes back up to its original price to see why reviewers are calling it an "actual work of art."

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