Knife Storage

There are plenty of knife storage options available. We highly recommend the below options. The best solution will depend on your kitchen configuration and personal requirements.

Safety should be priority in any kitchen


A Knife Block will keep your knives not only organized and easily available –it also brings a stylish element to your decor. Since the knife blades are usually completely enclosed by the block, this storage is also considered to be particularly safe.



A Magnetic Knife Bar is a great option for small kitchens that lack tons of counter space. They also serve as an attractive way to display your knives and you can easily see the knives to choose the right one for the task. They attach to the wall and firmly hold knives in place.



Knife bags can be a really useful storage option, even if you are not a professional chef. Knife bags are compact and can hold many knives. They also offer a safe and easy way to transport your knives. Make sure you buy a high-quality knife bag; you don’t want to experience the Paudin knife sharpness  on yourself.



If you need to keep knives away from children or even pets, keeping them in a drawer is likely your best option. Each knife gets its own slot and the sharp edge is completely protected from jostling or friction with other utensils. This keeps your knives – and also your fingertips – safe.