Cloud Premium 7" Cleaver Knife

  • Sharpness & Durability: The Japanese AUS 10 Damascus stainless steel blade resists stains and corrosion, holds its edge retention for a long period.

    Hardness:60+ Rockwell hardness of overlaying different steel layers. High toughness and hardness make sharp blades difficult to bend and break.

    Comfort: Ergonomic handle shape with finger support for maximum comfort, secure grip and maneuverability. Three rivets give even further resilience to reduce wrist tension.

    Balance & Durability: The black classic G10 fiber glass handle is inlaid with triple rivets that not only reduce wrist tension but also increase its durability. The perfect balance of handle and blade provides extra strength.

    Warranty: Paudin gives a lifetime warranty against material and manufacturing defects.