Plume Luxe 7" Santoku Knife

  • Plume Luxe 7" Santoku Knife is a Japanese chef's knife which is thinner than the traditional chef’s knife. With this Santoku knife, a cutting technique allows creating very thin slices of meat, fish, and vegetables, which improves the aesthetics of completed dishes. A row of shallow dimples on the side of the blade (kullens) reduces friction and helps prevent food from sticking to the blade. The knife is made of Japanese AUS10 Damascus steel blade and contains Vanadium, which improves the wear resistance and ease of sharpening. While high-quality knives are in the 56 to 58 HRC range, this knife has increased hardness to 62 HRC! As a result, Plume Luxe classifies as an exclusive knife with high toughness, high sharpness, and exceptional corrosion resistance.