Plume Luxe 8" Bread Knife

  • Sharpness:The Bread knife is forged from high-quality Japanese AUS10 Damascus stainless steel with a total of 67 layers and honed by craftsman. The innovative high carbon steel core contains Vanadium, which improves the wear resistance, toughness, and ease of sharpening. The remaining layers are formed by alterations of S/S 304 and S/S 431 steel to create an outer case, protecting the cutting core. The blade cutting bevel is 12-14º while the most knives are sharpened 17º on each side.

    Hardness: While common steel knives are in the 52 to 56 level of Rockwell hardness and high-quality knives are in the 56 to 58 HRC range, we used a special technique to increase the hardness of the Plume Luxe knives to 62 HRC! As a result, we got exceptional knives with high toughness, high sharpness, and exceptional corrosion resistance.

    Comfort: We made the Plume Luxe handle ergonomically shaped, and it fits perfectly into your hand to provide the best possible grip, even when your hand or the knife is wet. You can be sure your wrist is protected even in the case of marathon cooking sessions.

    Balance & Safety:Plume Luxe was scientifically balanced at the pinch point between the blade and the handle and has a bolster which protects your finger from getting nicked.

    Durability: Made of G10 material the handle will never be affected by water, no matter how long you might soak it. Indestructible G10 never swells, shrinks, cracks, or discolors. Whichever you choose, you win with a beautiful, seamless, symmetrical handle.

    Warranty: Paudin gives a lifetime warranty against material and manufacturing defects. We offer lifetime commitment or money back policy.